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Case Study :: DivotMat

DivotMat is an exciting new product on the golf market. It is endorsed by the tour pro FRED COUPLES and LAIRD SMALL, Director of the prestigious Pebble Beach Golf Academy and the 2003 PGA National Teacher of the Year.

Our challenge was twofold.
1. Create a campaign that would sell products in both the direct response and retail venues; and
2. Establish a Brand name for the DivotMat company and its parent, the Tiffin Company.

We wanted creative that linked the quality of the product with the recognition that the reading of divots was one of the primary keys to improving a playerıs golf game.

Our solution was both creative and innovative. We introduced two characters that would be instantly recognizable to consumers. Our two gophers ­ "Divot" and "Mat" were characters who knew the "underground secret of divots."

In one scenario they are making fun of errant shots made by real golfers above the ground. In another scenario, they react to their cave being pummeled above ground by a hack golfer. Both concepts lead the consumer directly back to the idea that "up until now, the knowledge of divots was strictly an underground secret."

The two gophers were created to look as lifelike as possible. We designed them in conjunction with Animal Makers, the artists responsible for the Budweiser Frogs. These realistic gophers were then animated with moving mouths, eyes and hands by Amalgamated Pixels, the CGI house responsible for some of the complex effects in the film "The Matrix."

In addition, we challenged ourselves to come up with a mnemonic (or memory) device that would instantly remind the consumer of the Divotmat product and its merits. We came up with an animated grass mat as part of their logo.

These commercials will establish DivotMat as a major player in the golf improvement market. They are slated to be distributed worldwide. Initial response to the spots and programming has been tremendous.

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